May 02

Mixed results for Ray Courtemanche Jr. at NASCAR Canadian Tire Series practice day


Ray Junior Courtemanche -1Ray came away most happy and satisfied after his first ride in a Dave Jacombs-prepared car at the official pre-season test held at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

The car was quick and easy to drive, until an unfortunate slip on a speed bump damaged the rear suspension and forced the La Cité de Mirabel Inc. team to park the car for the rest of the day.

Ray Jr. was impressed with the car as soon as he went out for a shakedown run. After a stop in the pits to make sure that all systems were Go, Ray Jr. was back out and driving harder, cutting his time by at least two seconds on each of his laps. The rear end slid out from under him on the 8th lap and the car rode over the speedbumps on the corner 3 exit. This damaged a bracket and the test was stopped at that point.

Ray Junior Courtemanche -2

Ray Jr. Courtemanche new colors

For driver Ray Jr. the run was both satisfying and frustrating. “The car was working better than anything I have ever driven, and I was getting more and more comfortable in it. I tried to accelerate a little too hard coming out of corner 3 and damaged the car. I was in the low 30s and felt I could certainly get into the high 20s with more practice. Man, I was having so much fun.”

A close inspection showed a weakness in the car’s suspension as well as several pieces that were hanging too close to the ground. At the end of the day, the incident will serve to better prepare the car for the first race. As preparation specialist Dave Jacombs commented, “We will bring a better car to the track next time, and thus improve Ray’s chances for the race, which is what testing is all about anyway.”

The 2013 NCaTS season for the La Cité de Mirabel Inc. team will start on May 19 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the super-quick road course situated North of Bowmanville, about 100km East of Toronto.

La Cité de Mirabel Inc.

A 2,200,000 sq. ft. residential development with over 2000 units (condos, town houses and retirement units), off Exit 28 of Autoroute 15 (Laurentian). Go to www.citemirabel.com for additional information and visuals.

Dave Jacombs Racing

After a 30-year career as a Stock Car racer, Dave Jacombs decided to put his accumulated knowledge and experience to good use by providing car preparation and track side support services to other racers, specializing in the NCaTS. Dave and his team believe that taking over all the technical aspects of racing in the series assures the driver the best possible car throughout the season.

His customers tend to agree, as does Andrew Ranger, holder of two series titles (2007 and 2009) aboard Jacombs-prepped cars. Dave also likes to work with drivers who may be new to oval racing, such as Patrick Carpentier several years ago, or need to move up the ladder, such as Ray Jr. Courtemanche.

Bonzaï Racing

Created in 2010 by driver Ray Courtemanche Jr., this small organization manages Ray Jr’s career, handling administration, finances, alliances and sponsorships, logistics, communications and press relations, and trackside hosting.

Bonzaï Racing has helped Ray Jr. work his way through local Stock Car racing in Quebec, Formula Tour 1600 (2012), two seasons of NCaTS, as well as a few races in the United States.

Bonzaï Racing gifts to non-profit Foundations

Bonzaï Racing has been giving away its NASCAR prize money to various foundations since 2010. These include Children’s Wish and the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau. For 2013, prize money will be given to the Children’s Wish, Leucan, and St-Justine Hospital foundations.

NASCAR Canadian Tire Series 2013 Schedule

Go to http://hometracks.nascar.com/races/NCATS for schedule, results, driver and other series information.


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