Apr 29

Isabelle Tremblay spinning for ALS

$20,000 raised the 5th Edition of Spinning for ALS

 Isabelle TremblayMontreal Alouettes Chima Ihekwoaba, Ameet Pall and Sean Whyte as well as Isabelle Tremblay, Nascar Canadian Tire series driver, get ready for their season at the 5th Edition of Spinning for ALS, which raised $20,000!

The ALS Society of Quebec is proud to announce that the Spinning for ALS event held at the Midtown Le Sporting Club SanctuaireMC on April 20th raised $20,000. The sum is a historical result for this fundraising event created by volunteer, Diane Tkalec, in memory of her late husband who was taken by the disease in 2007. Since its inception in 2009, “Spinning for ALS” has raised $85,000.

Chima Ihekwoaba, Ameet Pall and Sean Whyte (players) and Rick Moffat (voice) of the Montreal Alouettes attended the 5th annual Spinning for ALS. Former Alouettes player and broadcaster, Tony Proudfoot who lost the battle against ALS in 2010, continues to inspire his former teammates to get involved in the fight.

Isabelle Tremblay, Nascar Canadian Tire series driver, was also present to motivate the troops during the spinning sessions. “On behalf of all the families touched by ALS, I would like to thank Diane Tkalec for her selfless dedication to making a difference in our fight against ALS” said Claudine Cook, the Executive Director at the ALS Society of QC. “ I would also like to thank Midtown Le Sporting Club SanctuaireMC , their trainers and staff for their continued support and for fulfilling the avid spinning enthusiasts’ expectations.

What is ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)?

ALS is a rapidly progressing, neuromuscular illness that is always fatal and affects presently 3,000 persons in Canada. It is characterized by the progressive degeneration of the neurons controlling the motor muscles, gradually leading to total paralysis of the body while leaving the intellectual faculties untouched. ALS usually leads to death within three to five years of the diagnosis. The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Quebec is a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with ALS and supporting their family members. It also has a mission to raise funds to promote and advance research to find the causes of the disease, and ways to treat and ultimately defeat it.

Relive the event Spinning for ALS at the website www.sla-quebec.ca

source: isaracingteam.com