Mar 05

Superstars International Series: brand-new Chevrolet Camaro set for top showings at fast venues

The brand-new American racer is gaining character as Chevrolet Solaris Motorsport look forward to Monza, Brno

Superstars - Team Chevrolet Solaris MotorsportSuperstars logoWith just one month to go for the start of the 2013 season, scheduled on the 6th and 7th of April at Monza, the Superstars International Series technical package is getting each day more interesting. After the ground-breaking news regarding the arrival of the Chevrolet Camaro, more news are coming from Chevrolet Solaris Motorsport.

While the team’s work continues according to plans, the character of the American-built muscle car is developing and will be a great fit for the SUPERSTARSWORLD context.

«We built a real racing chassis – explains Francesco Sini, who will be driving the car throughout the season – the Camaro shares much part of the mechanical part with the Lumina: the gearbox, engine and differential will be the same seen on the CR8».

What is the main change?

«The Camaro has a much shorter wheelbase despite being slightly longer. We see this as a possible advantage in terms of weight balance. We reasonably think to be on-track later this month for the first tests».

The 2013 schedule has changed quite a bit, where do you expect to be more competitive?

«I believe that we might be able to have our say for wins in the first two rounds at Monza and Brno. This car, like the Lumina, will be quick on the faster tracks, with wide corners. Maybe we will be struggling a little bit mare on some of the slowest venues like Slovakia Ring or Vallelunga, but I expect some great potential at Portimão».

The new car will meet an experienced team, what do you expect to be your strongest asset?

«Despite the fact that it will be an absolute first time with all the typical youth problems, I can definitely say that the Camaro project started with only one goal in mind, victory. The team is working as one to pursuit this goal and I want to thank all the team’s members that are working with great passion and dedication».

source: garagegroup.it