Feb 21

Petri Corse joins joins Superstars International Series and the GTSprint International Series with two Porsche 997 racecars

The italian-based squad, owned by simone petri, will represent the Stuttgart-based manufacturer

Superstars - Petri CorseSuperstars logoThe GTSPRINT INTERNATIONAL SERIES roster keeps growing and after having announced their intention to line-up in 2013, Team Petri Corse, a longtime Porsche squad, opted for a full commitment to SUPERSTARSWORLD. The Italian-based squad will field two Porsche Panamera racers in SUPERSTARS and two 997 GT3 models in GTSPRINT.

Although it’s going to be a first time for Petri Corse, their longstanding experience has already proved key in some successful results, starting with the wins scored in the Porsche Carrera Cup.

While the cars are still being prepared at the team’s headquarters, the driver roster is yet to be announced.

“We’re very excited – told Petri – our commitment to the two SWR championship will be complete. I turned down entries in other top championships to be fully-focused in SUPERSTARSWORLD. We deeply believe in this organization and we’re set to put together our best efforts. I believe that both championships are a benchmark in motor racing, and we’ll be aiming high from the start although it won’t be easy to score outright wins. I heard that the GTS3 field will be quite large so we have to start preparing immediately in order to be ready for the challenge”.

The series’ level is still growing, in an effort to continue matching exciting races with an interesting technical challenge between top car brands, starting from the 2013 opener at Monza.

source: garagegroup.it