Feb 04

CME: Swearnet: JP, Mike & Robb, stars of TV’s Trailer Park Boys, are coming to the CME

The stars of TV’s Trailer Park Boys will promote their upcoming motorsports-themed movie SwearNet

Swearnet logoTorontoSun.com logoWhether you know them as the stars of the upcoming racing-themed movie SwearNet or as TV’s Trailer Park Boys, attendees at the Canadian Motorsports Expo on Sunday, February 10 will be able to see, hear, meet and get an autograph from iconic Canadian actors John Paul (JP) Tremblay, Mike Smith and Robb Wells.

The trio will be at the CME, courtesy of SwearNet and the Toronto Sun, promoting their next feature film. The Canadian Motorsports Expo runs February 8-10 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson Airport.

Discussing their appearance at the CME, the trio gave fair warning to the show’s other exhibitors that they might want to hide the keys to their racing vehicles, if they know what’s good for them.

“Yeah, if somebody’s gonna leave the keys in their Ferrari, it’d be fun to take it for a rip around Toronto,” announced Wells. “But our main purpose for coming to the show is to let people know about our new movie SwearNet. It’s got a bunch of racing in it.” The movie details the trio’s efforts and adventures in the course of launching their new SwearNet.com website.

“It’s a scripted, feature film that showcases what we had to go through to get SwearNet.com off the ground,” continues Wells.

The legitimate SwearNet.com website is expected to be up and running “within a couple of months,” with the movie due out in theatres in August.

The three lead characters all profess to be real racing fans. They’ve participated in the Targa Newfoundland rally and have turned laps on the challenging Canadian Tire Motorsport Park road course, under the tutelage of former racer and professional driving instructor Rick Bye.

“The Targa was pretty good, but I’m more into Formula One,” deadpanned Tremblay. “I like the technical sophistication.” In response, Mike Smith countered, “That’s a lie. JP would rather watch guys with their shirts off racing dune buggies!”

Wells, Tremblay, Smith and Bye (who served as the movie’s racing consultant) will be on The Mazda Stage at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 10 at the CME for a 45 minute fan Q&A about SwearNet. They’ll return to the stage, to sign autographs, following the appearance of NASCAR star Kyle Busch. Check the CME website (www.CanadianMotorsportsExpo.com) for details.

In addition to making sure that JP, Mike and Robb don’t ‘borrow’ any racing vehicles during their time at the CME, show security have also been instructed to protect the other celebrities – specifically Kyle ‘Rowdy’ Busch – from the trio.

“Kyle had better not run ‘overtime’ or do any trash-talking about us,” warned Tremblay. “Those NASCAR guys are pretty small… I’m sure I could take him!”

The Porsche used during the filming of SwearNet will be on display, throughout the entire weekend, in the CME’s ‘Racers Corral.’

source: www.CanadianMotorsportsExpo.com