Jan 18

Giacomo Ricci looks forward to 2013 Auto GP

Giacomo Ricci is looking forward to the 2013 Auto Gp championship

Auto GP - Giacomo RicciAuto GP 2013The Italian-based racer, born on March the 30th, 1985 in Milan, has become one of the most experienced and competitive drivers of the European motorsports panorama. Last season, he drove for Team MLR71 and also joined them for postseason testing at Barcelona. He entered two rounds and ended up onto the podium twice, at Monza and Marrakech.

What are your plans for 2013?

“I would love to stay in Auto GP because it’s a great category for a driver aiming to make it to GP2 and Formula 1 while keeping expenses at bay. In my current situation, Auto GP would be the perfect choice in an effort to reinvent my career. In the last few years I haven’t had the chance to race a lot due to budget constraints, but I don’t feel ready to retire at all. In fact, I’m still fully-motivated and committed. Auto GP can also open new paths in other categories like GT, prototypes, WTCC or DTM. It can be a perfect stepping stone”.

You are one of the few Italian drivers that won races in the GP2 Series. How does the Auto GP car feel in comparison?

“The GP2 Series car is the pinnacle in open-wheel racing except for F.1, and the championship is pretty good overall, with many high-quality participants. Auto GP is the only series that enables people to race a similar car with a really small budget. In terms of performance, the difference between the two will also be reduced thanks to a KIT developed by Enzo Coloni that will make cars about two seconds per lap faster”.

How is your relationship with MLR71? What is your role in the team?

“My relationship with MLR71 is great. I’m currently working for them as a driver coach, team manager and test driver. I’m proud to have joined this group and I’m convinced that they have massive potential. Michele La Rosa wants to impress in 2013 and we are fully-focused on him. In the meantime I’m working to put together a small budget to join him on-track”.

You have a longstanding experience in the championships promoted by Enzo Coloni, did you enjoy your runs so far?

“I raced in the Euro Series 3000 championship in 2005 and 2006. In 2005, I ended up in third place while I won the European Championship during the following season. It’s been a great learning experience and it also enabled me to showcase my ability before moving forward to the GP2 Series. Enzo Coloni is always ready to back young drivers and helped me in many occasions. I hope to be on-track in the 2013 Auto GP series and continue on this path”.

source: Auto GP, autogp.org