Jan 10

Sparco becomes official supplier of Superstars World

The world-renowned brand, a leading provider of racing gear and apparel, joins the series as an official technical supplier

Superstarsworld - SparcoSparcoSparco, a Leading brand in the international racing gear business, is the newest “Official Technical Supplier” of Superstars World for the 2013 season. The 2013 partnership will be key for two companies that share the same values and aim for high quality, performance and great safety. The piedmont-based company was started back in 1977 with the goal of taking motorsports safety to the next level.

Today, they can count on a long-standing tradition made top equipment, gear and clothing, and they also provide OEMs with seats and carbon fiber products. In 2013, they will design the official staff wear for the Superstars World staff.

“This new partnership with one of the leading companies in racing apparel at international level is a further confirmation of the international growth of SUPERSTARS WORLD – said SWR Managing Director Vincenzo Lamaro – SPARCO designed and built the first roll bar structure for a SUPERSTARS car and took part in the prototyping of the championship’s first model. By joining forces for 2013, they decided to share the SUPERSTARS success which is based on exciting racing, drivers coming from Formula 1 and a worldwide TV coverage. As a result, they will be able to increase the value of an already strong brand”.

Over the years, SPARCO has become synonyms with quality and high performance, making it a perfect fit with SUPERSTARS WORLD, and they rely on the SWR-promoted series to continue in their international growth. They will be pairing top professional racers and young prospects, with the aim of providing the powerful SUPERSTARS machinery with their equipment. SPARCO cruised to their first win in Formula 1 in 1983 with Brazilian Nelson Piquet, who wore one of their suit throughout his sensational run for the World Championship. In the same year, a Lancia 037 fitted with a SPARCO seat cruised to the World Rally Championship. The rest is history, as well as a longstanding tradition. The brand-new deal will add an exciting chapter to such a great run and by joining SUPERSTARS, SPARCO will benefit from a major new showcase at international level.

“Sparco is honoured to start this new partnership – told SPARCO C.E.O. Claudio Pastoris – and make available the brand’s experience, innovation and technology which were developed throughout a 35-year history in top-level racing (including Formula 1, WRC, Nascar and many more disciplines). Sparco has always been competing at the top levels available and looking forward to new challenges. Partnering SUPERSTARS WORLD is one of the exciting new challenges of 2013 and we are ready to go!”.

source: garagegroup.it