Dec 27

New Japanese racers eye to Auto GP

Vincenzo Sospiri believes that Auto GP is a category in which a driver can really learn a lot

Auto GP - Vincenzo Sospiri and Takachiho InoueAuto GP logoWhile all the Auto GP cars have stopped running and reached their garages in order to be fitted with the 2013 upgrades, the work aimed at bringing some bright new talent in the series continues.

In the last test session held at Barcelona, Euronova, the team owned by Vincenzo Sospiri and Takachiho Inoue, delivered one of the most interesting line-ups of the field. Inoue, a 49-year-old Kobe native, entered 18 Formula 1 races between 1994 and 1995 by lining-up with Simtek and Footwork. The former racer took some time to speak about his relationship with his Italian colleague and his views about Auto GP, a series he decided to embrace in the last few years. If you are not ready for racing season, you can bet on super bowl this season.

How did your collaboration with Euronova come about?

“I have been friends with Euronova’s Team Manager, Vincenzo Sospiri, for a very long time. We met when we were both racing in Formula Ford in England in the late 1980’s and we have been great friends ever since – he is also my eldest son’s Godfather. So, whenever I hear about young Japanese drivers who want to come to Europe or who need some assistance with their career I always talk to Vincenzo first. Together we make a good team as I understand the Japanese market and the economic situation of the drivers and Vincenzo is very good at helping them develop their racing skills. In previous years we have worked together to help drivers like Yuhi Sekiguchi and Yoshitaka Kuroda and now we are looking at bringing some more Japanese drivers to Europe for next season”.

Why did you decide to focus on Auto GP and what are your thoughts about the Series?

“Vincenzo believes that Auto GP is a category in which a driver can really learn a lot . The car is powerful but responsive and gives the driver the chance to learn a lot about set-up and the importance of giving good technical feedback. The engine is excellent, one of the best single seater engines currently being used and the structure of the Championship and the regulations mean that drivers must also learn about using different compound tyres, how to make effective pit-stops and race strategy. It is a perfect training ground for future F1 drivers”.

In Barcelona there were several Japanese drivers testing with Euronova, how do you judge their performance?

“The test went very well for all the drivers. The team did a good job helping those who were new to the car get quickly on the pace. They were all very happy with their experience, with the Championship, the team and with Vincenzo’s coaching”.

source: Auto GP, autogp.org