Nov 28

Another video shows Vettel made illegal pass in Brazil

A video has emerged that clearly depicts Sebastian Vettel overtaking under yellow flag conditions during Sunday’s Brazilian grand prix.

ThumbnailThumbnailIt is a separate incident to the 2012 world champion’s pass on Kamui Kobayashi at Interlagos, which turned out to have actually taken place under yellow and orange caution flags.

The new video, showing Vettel passing a Toro Rosso with yellow lights flashing beside the track and also in the cockpit of his Red Bull, can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZHaBuaA9oQ

Only after the yellow lights begin flashing and Vettel completed the move does the 25-year-old driver pass the green lights.

“It shows that Vettel should have been penalised,” said the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

A penalty might have made the difference between title victory and defeat for Vettel and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

El Mundo added: “Now the Scuderia (Ferrari) has until November 30 to appeal.”

Alonso late on Tuesday alluded to the controversy by saying in Spanish on Twitter that there are “no miracles”, only “rules”.

Italy’s Corriere dello Sport, however – citing Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni – said the Italian team is not planning to lodge a protest.

source: GMM