Sep 21

Kotaro Sakurai in Sonoma with Euronova Racing

In Sonoma Auto GP is welcoming the first Japanese driver in its three-year history

Auto GP - Tokyo - Kotaro SakuraiAuto GP World SeriesTokyo-born Kotaro Sakurai will debut in the Series taking the wheel of the #14 car lined-up by Euronova Racing, driving alongside Sergey Sirotkin.

Auto GP will be the most powerful car ever driven by 18 year-old Sakurai, who already boasts a good CV in the junior formulae. A podium finisher in the 2010 F.Bmw Pacific, in 2011 Kotaro won the British F3 National Class with an astounding 15 wins. Momentum then led him to debut in GP3, where he raced in the first half of 2012. Auto GP will represent a big performance leap for him, but he’s ready to cope with that under Vincenzo Sospiri’s experienced lead.

Kotaro Sakurai: “I’m very happy to be joining the Auto GP Championship for the Sonoma race. This will be my first taste of a really powerful car and I am looking forward to it a lot. I know that the series has some very experienced drivers but also some very young drivers like me and I think that the fact that Sonoma is a new track for almost everyone will be very interesting. For me it’s very important also that I will be the first Japanese driver to compete in Auto GP”.

source: Auto GP, autogp.org