Mar 25

Red Bull ‘has signed new Concorde’ – Marko

Red Bull has signed the 2013 Concorde Agreement, Dr Helmut Marko has confirmed.

2012-03-16 - Australian Grand Prix 2012 Friday #1 1882012-03-24 - Malaysian Grand Prix - Sebastian Vettel 299000Bernie Ecclestone announced on Saturday that he has reached agreement with most F1 teams “about the terms” for the next Concorde.But with major teams including Mercedes and Williams yet to agree, the F1 chief executive’s short statement left many questions unanswered.

Was it simply a ploy to coax the other teams into also agreeing?  Have Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and at least four other teams actually signed anything?

Red Bull’s motor sport consultant Marko has revealed to the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper: “We have signed the new Concorde Agreement.”

A McLaren spokesman, meanwhile, said the team is “in broad agreement” with Ecclestone.

source: GMM