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Valsecchi quickest again

DAMS racer fastest on final test day in Jerez

GP2 - DAMS - Davide ValsecchiGP2 - Scuderia Coloni - Stefano ColettiDavide Valsecchi was quickest again today in Jerez in an eventful test session. The DAMS driver set his best laptime of 1:25.567 early in the day. His closest rival, Stefano Coletti, ended one tenth behind the Italian.


For the final day of testing it was James Calado at Lotus GP who set the early pace but his time was soon bettered by Giedo van der Garde who clocked 1:26.053, a mere two hundredths quicker than Tom Dillmann testing at Rapax today. The proceedings were stopped thirty minutes into the session after a piece of curb came away from the track. As it took approximately 45 minutes to repair, since the day’s schedule was to run from 9am to 12pm, with a one hour break and then run again from 1pm till 4pm, it was decided that the session would run without any break until 4pm.

At the restart, Davide Valsecchi quickly topped the timesheets and was the first driver to break the 1m26s. He was soon imitated by Max Chilton, van der Garde, Marcus Ericsson and Coletti. Another red flag interrupted proceedings after Esteban Gutierrez stopped in the gravel bed at Turn 1. Minutes after the track went live again, Fabrizio Crestani caused another halt after he lost control of his Venezuela GP Lazarus car.

The session was green flagged again and Coletti pushed to close the gap with Valsecchi and moved up to P2, one tenth behind the Italian. A fourth red flag brought caused the session to have another enforced break: Fabio Leimer stopped at Turn 1 in the gravel. When the track went live again, Gutiérrez was quickly on the pace and moved up to P3.

The remainder of the day ran smoothly as teams readjusted their programmes to the new schedule. Most drivers did race simulations along with pitstop practices. A final red flag stopped proceedings fifteen minutes before the end of the session after Kevin Ceccon lost control of his Ocean Racing car. Valsecchi retained P1 at the chequered flag ahead of Coletti, Gutiérrez, van der Garde (who with 96 laps covered the greatest distance today), Chilton, Ericsson, Dillmann, Calado, Nigel Melker and Jolyon Palmer.

This concluded the first three-day pre-season test. Next week, the GP2 paddock will set up camp in Barcelona for the last test session before the opening round of the 2012 season in Sepang, Malaysia. The twenty-six cars will run for three days at Circuit de Catalunya from Tuesday to Thursday.

Day 3 results
Davide Valsecchi
Stefano Coletti
Scuderia Coloni
Esteban Gutiérrez
Lotus GP
Giedo van der Garde
Caterham Racing
Max Chilton
Marcus Ericsson
iSport International
Tom Dillmann
James Calado
Lotus GP
Nigel Melker
Ocean Racing Technology
Jolyon Palmer
iSport International
Felipe Nasr
Fabio Onidi
Scuderia Coloni
Johnny Cecotto
Barwa Addax Team
Stéphane Richelmi
Trident Racing
Fabio Leimer
Racing Engineering
Luiz Razia
Arden International
Josef Kral
Barwa Addax Team
Fabrizio Crestani
Venezuela GP Lazarus
Dani Clos
Simon Trummer
Arden International
Julian Leal
Trident Racing
Nathanaël Berthon
Racing Engineering
Rodolfo Gonzalez
Caterham Racing
Kevin Ceccon
Ocean Racing Technology
Rio Haryanto
Vittorio Ghirelli
Venezuela GP Lazarus

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This week saw the iSport team return to Jerez de la Frontera, for the first of the two pre-season tests.  After a long Winter break, the team was eager to get testing underway and start working with new duo, Marcus Ericsson and Jolyon Palmer. 

It was an encouraging start on Day 1, with both iSport drivers finishing the morning session in the top five, and Ericsson topping the time chart in the afternoon giving the team its first P1.  

The introduction of the medium compound tyres on Day 2, significantly continued to improve lap times, and resulted in Ericsson becoming the first driver to break the 1:26 mark.  Palmer however, proved to be the faster of the two and ended up ahead of his team mate in P5.   Race simulations and pit stop practice were the focus for the team during the afternoon session, resulting in slower lap times for both drivers.

Day 3 proved to be an eventful test session for the team, with a 45 minute stoppage time early on, due to track damage.  With the session restarted, Ericsson quickly made a move on Valsecchi for the top spot, however this was soon halted by a red flag by Gutierrez and then another by Leimer.  After another restart, the team focused again on race simulations and pit stop practice, and with yet another red flag, the day ended with Ericsson claiming P6 and Palmer P10.

Next week iSport will return to Barcelona for the final pre-season test before the opening round of the 2012 season in Malaysia on 23-25 March 2012.

source: isportinternational.com

Racing Engineering very happy with the Jerez testing.

Racing Engineering came away from the three days of testing at Jerez very pleased with the results achieved as they completed all their planned workload.

The Tuesday morning session was held under sunny skies although the temperatures were not high. Both of the Racing Engineering drivers used the session to concentrate on working on the set-up of their cars and to get used to racing their Dallara chassis after the winter lay-off. The GP2 tyre supplier Pirelli had provided P Zero slick Hard (Prime) and Medium (Option) compounds for the three days of testing.

At the end of the opening session Fabio Leimer had completed 18 laps with a fastest time of 1:27.124 which placed him 14th whilst Nathanaël Berthon was a little slower with a lap time of 1:27.917 after 14 laps which was the 20th fastest time.

Temperatures were higher for the afternoon session although lap times were generally .2 to .3 of a second slower. With the Racing Engineering drivers happy with the work they had carried out in the morning both men were able to run more laps and look for some faster laps. Fabio Leimer was immediately amongst the fastest runners and by the end of the session his 32 laps gave him a fastest lap of 1:26.776 which was the 4th fastest time. Nathanaël Berthon was also setting some fast times and his 28 laps saw him set the 8th fastest time with a lap of 1:27.205, less than half a second behind his team-mate.

Wednesday saw the weather remain sunny and in a morning session that was red-flagged twice due to incidents Fabio Leimer continued to be amongst the quicker runners finishing the session in 10th place with a time of 1:25.845. Nathanaël Berthon was just 0.8 seconds slower with a time of 1:26.648.

Most teams opted to run race simulations during the afternoon so times were much slower and once again two red flags made the session difficult for both the teams and their drivers. At the end of the session Leimer had set a fastest lap of 1:29.449 whilst his team-mate Berthon set a 1:30.547 but his track time was curtailed by on off into a gravel trap.

The final day of testing proved to be eventful when the morning session had to be stopped after thirty minutes due to a piece of curb on the track coming away. The session was stopped for forty five minutes for repairs to be made and it was decided to amalgamate the remainder of the session together with the afternoon session. Three further red flags caused further interruptions to the schedule.

Once again the Racing Engineering team decided to concentrate on their race setup and no attempt to set fast laps were made by either driver and, at the end of the session, Leimer had set a fastest time of 1:26.342 after 56 laps and Berthon’s best time was just four tenths slower at 1:26.747 after 40 laps.

The Racing Engineering team are now heading back to their nearby base at Sanlúcar de Barrameda to prepare for the final pre-season testing at Barcelona which commences on Tuesday March 6th for three days.

Thomas Couyotopoulo, Sporting Director of Racing Engineering:

“We have been very busy during these three days of testing in Jerez due to the extensive program we planned to do. The new 2012 regulations opened new possibilities and combinations of choices, which make the work more complicated, but also more interesting. But this also means it’s harder to compare the performance of 26 cars during a test day.

We still have a lot to do and will work hard again in Barcelona to continue with our development and preparation work.”

Fabio Leimer:

“The last three days were very positive. Everything we planned to test, we could actually do and we had no problem with that. We gained a lot of important information and were also able to obtain more insights about the new tyres, prime and option. Today we were also doing some long runs and this brought us ahead.

I am very satisfied with the last three days and now we prepare the next three days in Barcelona.”

Nathanaël Berthon:

“We had three days of hard work with a really big program. We never searched for the fast lap times, but worked hard having what will be necessary for the championship in mind.

I think with the program we did, we have a lot of information to work with now and we will have a lot of work in Barcelona as well with the goal to be strong in Barcelona.”

source: racing-engineering.com

Lotus ART GP2 team

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Caterham Racing logo

Jerez, Spain – Day Three

Another successful day for Caterham Racing saw the team conclude its three day test program to finish just 1/10th of a second off the quickest time of the day, with Giedo van der Garde setting a 1:25.742 lap in the afternoon session having completed an impressive 96 laps.

Red flags disrupted new tyre runs on the unfamiliar Pirelli option tyre but the team was able to collect a lot of useful data from the various long distance runs Rodolfo Gonzalez completed.

The GP2 Series pack now travels to Barcelona where the final three day pre-season test takes from 6th – 8th March.

Phill Spencer: “Overall I am very pleased with how things have gone here this week in Jerez. We have had a restructure within the team with some new personnel and the new drivers and everyone has gelled well and been very professional. The reliability of the cars has been absolutely excellent and both drivers have lived up to expectations. We know Giedo is very experienced and he has been strong from the word go. We are working well with Rodolfo and I am pleased he has shown his capability. Our aim this season is to get strong finishes for both drivers.”

Giedo van der Garde (Best Lap: 1:25.742 / Total laps: 96): “I am happy to see the potential we have here. We’ve done a great deal of work over the last three days and learnt a lot. We did no performance running today but we’ve been testing to see what works and what doesn’t and I think we know which direction we want to go now. This morning we tested both hard and medium tyres. Both runs were red flagged so we did not get the optimum use out of the new tyres and we are still figuring out the characteristics. But after 96 laps I am feeling good, that’s the most I have ever done in one day and I am happy I feel physically well prepared, and at the end of today we are just 1/10th away from P1 which is really good, our work is paying off and now we will make a mega plan for Barcelona.”

Rodolfo Gonzalez (Best Lap: 1:26.749 / Total laps: 74): “We made steady progress this morning but unfortunately we had a red flag on both our new tyre runs, but that’s testing for you. We did more than 60 laps today, split into two 25 lap runs and a 10 lap run which is all good physical preparation but there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the long distance runs. However, I am confident we can make good progress at the test next week before the first race in Malaysia. I can’t wait to get back to Barcelona, my second home! I am looking forward to more learning and more driving for sure.”

Humphrey Corbett:  “First of all I must thank the guys for giving us a very reliable car, it ran faultlessly and this makes our jobs as engineers a lot more easy. We have done a great deal of work here and I am very pleased with the outcome. We’ve completed our programs with no issues and seen some interesting results because of the new tyres we are running.  The two tyre characteristics are different enough to make a difference to set up and strategy but this is only the first time we have used them so we are still learning. Of course we do not race here in Jerez so the information we have received this week must be put in the context of Barcelona. The next test will be more applicable as we have a race there.  I think 60% of what we have learnt here will be carried over to next week and the rest will be circuit specific. We will run different tests as there are longer straights in Barcelona and a real positive is that we have data from last year which will give us a good base line to start from for the three days, but we will be flat out between now and then!

“Both drivers seem happy, they have put in a lot of work and a lot of laps and they are both feeling good, so I have no concerns about their physical fitness.  We have a couple of good drivers and I am sure we can have a competitive season – I am looking forward it.”

source: caterham-racing.com

Barwa Addax

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The three-day Jerez test ended on a high for Scuderia Coloni. The Italian team had another very positive day on the Spanish track, posting the second quickest time with Stefano Coletti.

In the morning session the driver from Monaco stopped the clock on a 1’25”670 that meant a safe second place. Stefano could have been even quicker than that but two red flags forced him to abort his two best laps, wasting two of the three sets of softer “option” tyres he had available.

The red flags stroke even harder on Fabio Onidi, who never had the chance to make the most of his fresh tyres and finished with a 1’26”148 that didn’t tell the truth on his potential. Anyway the afternoon brought good news for the Italian driver who boasted an amazing pace on a very worn set of tyres, being second quickest in the second part of the day.

The results of the three days, with a Scuderia Coloni car always in the top spots, were a boost for the team that now aims to keep momentum in the upcoming Barcelona test.

GP2 - Scuderia Coloni - Stefano Coletti 

GP2 - Scuderia Coloni - Fabio Onidi


Paolo Coloni: “I’m really happy of how the team worked in this test: the feeling between the drivers and the technical staff was immediately good, and throughout the three days we managed to test a lot of different solutions that gave us some very good directions for the next test in Barcelona.

I’m also very happy by how the drivers coped with the test, they were really focused and the results clearly showed that: today we could have been even quicker and with both of them. Stefano was forced to abort two flyers because of the red flags, and in both laps he was improving his times. Fabio couldn’t make the most of his fresh ‘option’ tyres for the same reason. Anyway we were on top for the whole three days, we boasted some very good performances both in race and qualifying conditions and we are ready to tackle the next test in Barcelona and the first race in Malaysia”.

source: scuderiacoloni.com

Ocean Racing

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Rapax Team

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Super Nova

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Davide Valsecchi tops the time sheets all three days!

DAMS continues where it left off in 2011

Continuing in the same vein after a season as brilliant as 2011 isn’t always easy. However, after the first three days’ official testing at Jerez, the DAMS team has proved that it is still the one to beat in the GP2 Series. Davide Valsecchi set the fastest time each day and Felipe Nasr made remarkable progress.

But the prime objective was not to chase the stopwatch. Rather it was to allow drivers and engineers to get to know one another and to get used to the team’s working methods, so the overall result of the three days spent at Jerez is very satisfactory. Valsecchi used all his experience and his speed to take immediate advantage of the test while Nasr – who had never driven a car as powerful as a GP2 before – made very rapid and consistent progress. He finished the week only 6/10s behind his team-mate.

Jean-Paul Driot, president: “We used the three days’ test at Jerez to put in place the right links between the engineers, drivers and the new DAMS general manager, François Sicard. The result? The fastest time by Davide Valsecchi every day – which is exceptional – and also Felipe Nasr’s stunning progress. I’m sure he doesn’t miss the Buzios beach after discovering Andalusia!”

François Sicard, general manager: “The whole team’s very happy with the three days and we’re delighted with the fastest time, which goes to prove the quality of the effort we’ve made. But we mustn’t get carried away as we’re only just beginning and far from running in race conditions. We’re very pleased to see that the relationship between engineers and drivers gelled very quickly. We discovered interesting avenues of work to explore, found good setups very quickly, and we collected a large amount of useful data. I’d like to single out Felipe for his incredibly quick learning curve even though it was a whole new world for him.”

Davide Valsecchi: “I’m feeling a little tired at the end of the week as we got through a lot of work. But I’m happy, the car’s running really well and I’d like to thank the engineers with whom I get on like a house of fire! It’s nice to see I set the quickest time, but it’s not the most important thing. What’ll count is our position in the race and we’ll do everything possible to be in front.”

Felipe Nasr: “I’m happy with the way I’ve improved. It was all new to me: the car, the power, the tyres, the brakes and the circuit. It’s a big leap and as the days passed I began to understand the car and tyres better. I can’t wait to drive in Barcelona as it’s a track I know so I can get to grips with it much quicker.”

Next test, Barcelona 6 – 8 March.

First round of the 2012 GP2 Series Championship, Sepang, Malaysia: 23 – 25 March.

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Trident Racing

The long winter break for racing was over for the GP2 Series too as after the GP3 Series test held last week, teams and drivers of GP2 lined-up at Jerez for their first collective session of 2012. All the teams started the set-up and fine tuning work on their cars before the start of the championship.

Trident Racing went on-track with the team’s two 2012 drivers, Julian Leal and Stéphane Richelmi. After a precise work of scheduling, the engineers have successfully gathered some positive feedback from the data collected. Reliability proved great two. Both the Trident Racing Dallaras run absolutely flawlessly.

Leal took advantage of the first day of testing to be back in shape after a long period of rest. The Colombian 21-year-old has been brilliant during the 2nd day of testing and ended up being into the top-three of the charts. He’s been one of the less lucky racers though as he had to abort three flying laps due to the red flags.

Richelmi positively impressed the team too. The 21-year-old Monaco-based racer will face his maiden GP2 Series season and has progressively got closer to the top-10, confirming that he can progress kilometer-by-kilometer. The really positive balance of this test also confirmed that the team is working in the right direction. A positive outcome is expected in a 3-day test at Barcelona before the first round of the season at the Malaysian Sepang circuit

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