Sep 30

Auto GP drivers shine again in GP2 testing‏

Four of them were on track on the Spanish track, and the outcome was very good

Fabio Onidi - JerezAutoGP - Lazarus - Fabio OnidiIt happens so often than it isn’t a surprise anymore: Auto GP drivers shone again in GP2, this time boasting some great performances in the Jerez testing sessions that were held in the last two days.

Fabio Onidi was the quickest of the Auto GP pack: despite being at his debut on the car the Italian posted the second quickest time of the whole test with the Scuderia Coloni car, stopping the clock on 1’26”843 in the morning session of the second day.

Kevin Ceccon was also very quick. The 18 years-old talent made the most of the prize test he won securing the Under 21 title and driving for Scuderia Coloni as well he posted the fifth quickest time of the two days with a 1’26”954.

Rio Haryanto and Giovanni Venturini were on track as well, but unlike their fellow competitors they both had just one day of testing. With less time on track than the rest of the field they couldn’t focus too much on performance, with gathering experience and data as their main aim. Anyway, they managed to impress the DAMS technical staff.

Fabio Onidi: “The test went beyond my expectations, not just for the second place overall, but because I was always among the quickest and with no particolar effort. The GP2 car really suits my driving style, and my Auto GP experience surely made a difference. The two cars are very similar in the way you need to drive to make the most of them, and the kind of input you need to give the steering is nearly the same. They are both very physical and very close in power, so Auto GP is really a great learning tool, much better than World Series in my opinion after experiencing both. If you look at the performances of the Auto GP drivers when they debut on a GP2 car, they’re always quicker than drivers coming from others series, and there’s a reason for that”.

source: autogp.org