May 30

Jerimy Daniel wins the ”Spring Classic” Sunday’s race at Circuit Mont-Tremblant (+photos)

In 2010 inaugural Formula Tour 1600 for a doubleheader program

This weekend, Circuit Mont-Tremblant hosted a doubleheader program for the Formula Tour 1600. Even if the program called itself ”Formule Libre” only one driver was not in a Formula 1600 as Rémy Audette from Audette Racing came to th Circuit for some testing and fun.

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Jerimy Daniel receives the checkered flag for the victory in Sunday’s race

Saturday’s race winner was Rémy Audette on his Van Diemen F2000 with a best lap time of 1.;37:680. Kevin Lacroix driving one of Excellence Chrysler Van Diemen as a guest driver was second at 1:45:962. Olivier Bonnet completed the podium ((1:45:912)  for Saturday’s race.

Remy Audette was happy to participate in ”Formule Libre” race Saturday at Le Circuit

Sunday afternoon the fans were treated to quite a race between young Jeremy Daniel on his Mygale 2002 who had to compete real hard with Kevin Lacroix from start of the race to the 15th lap. A real nice victory for the young driver. A total of 23 cars participated in the program…

We will post complete result as soon as possible

source: Flagworld