Dec 19

Mundill sparks unique sponsorship

Plus scholarship deal with ProRaceSupply

Mundill is proud to announce a unique sponsorship agreement with ProRaceSupply LLC (PRS). The alliance will make possible scholarships for Mundill’s drivers set to compete in the Star Mazda Series.

ProRaceSupply becomes the latest in a long line of dynamic companies to join forces with Mundill in support of this racing series, following notables like Eagles Canyon Raceway.

“Mundill is committed to our customers and is very excited to be able to offer this package to our 2010 drivers,” says Jeff Hill, owner of Mundill. “Our agreement with PRS demonstrates our commitment to our drivers’ success and underscores the importance of the Star Mazda series to Mundill’s core business.”

“The Star Mazda series provides the final step in education of young drivers as they transition to professionals in the competitive business of racing“. Jeff added, “To put this in perspective, the funds available to our drivers is equivalent to last year’s third Place Championship prize money.

” PRS’ sponsorship to Mundill of up to $200,000 is to be divided among four full season Championship drivers. The $50,000 Cash Scholarships will significantly assist in meeting the financial requirements of racing as well as to assist each driver in their development within the Star Mazda Championship.

“We are very excited to team up with Mundill,” says Chris Streit, Principal Partner at ProRaceSupply. “We are committed to the motorsports market and this new venture with Mundill holds a lot of opportunity for both our companies.” 

According to Streit, “in addition to the driver scholarships ProRaceSupply will be working hard to elevate Mundill to cutting-edge online technology, communication and commerce.” PRS provides synchronized software commerce and marketing solutions to the motorsports industry and will accelerate Mundill as the leader in commerce, online marketing and syndication. Notably this partnership will provide additional exposure and insight from the drivers, team, and crew members.

About Star Mazda Championship Series:

Star Mazda is an open-wheel ‘development’ series and is sanctioned by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) and backed by Mazda. The end-of-season awards total $1.5 Million US, with a fully sponsored drive in the USA-based Atlantic Championship for the overall winner. The series is widely regarded as a stepping-stone to top-level categories such as Indy Car and Formula One.

Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear recently announced becoming an official part of the IRL’s ‘Road to Indy.’ 

About ProRaceSupply:

ProRaceSupply LLC is a ‘Software Service Provider’ that helps manufacturers, distributors, and dealers in the motorsports industry create and maintain competitive advantage. 

PRS provides leading-edge ecommerce technology with efficient dealer sales tools and a sophisticated order fulfillment exchange portal to synchronize their marketing and commerce efforts. The PRS Order Exchange allows manufacturers and distributors to capture customer orders without undercutting the dealer network.

Orders are captured, distributed through the exchange for bidding and fulfillment and reach the customer in record time, building business for them and the dealer network. The end result is increased revenue and reduced inventory at the manufacturer/distributor and increased dealer stocking rates.

About Mundill:

Mundill, a Houston, Texas-based race team located at the MSR Houston racetrack, is a team on the fast track of motorsports. Formed in the fall of 2006, Mundill has already assembled a team possessing the experience, skill and equipment capable of winning in the Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear. Mundill also provides service to the open wheel community at their facility in Angleton, Texas.

These services include a chassis Dyno, track-side support, shock Dyno testing and evaluation, repair and rebuild of racecar components. Mundill has achieved multiple trips to the podium in the last three years including wins at Laguna Seca and in their inaugural visit to the Milwaukee Mile.

More information: http://www.Mundill.com

source: MossMedia