Oct 19

Bratt is the new champion and will race in GP2 Asia

Bonanomi fights till the end and wins race 2

Will Bratt is the last champion of the Euroseries 3000 history. He won the crown, an the fully funded GP2 season awarded as a prize, in the last race of the Monza weekend, in which he clinched a difficult second place.

It was the right ending for a great season, in which two drivers, Bratt and Marco Bonanomi, arrived at the end of the championship tied in the point standings, and even tied on victories, four for each one of them. The brit prevailed thanks to having more second places, three versus the two of Bonanomi. The italian had to surrender, but he did that in style, winning race 2.

Marco started from fourth on the grid, but he managed to jump immediately to the lead with a wondeful start. Behind him, Fabio Onidi and Bratt did exactly the same: the italian did a really great start passing from 8th on the grid to second, while Bratt jumped from 6th to third. The three launched themselves towards the Curvone, followed by Gonzalez, who cutted the first chicane, Francesco Dracone, Juan Carlos Sistos and Matteo Cozzari.

On the second lap Gonzalez managed to overtake Bratt but then he cut again the chicane. Bonanomi, who at that moment was the virtual champion, meanwhile was pushing very hard, bulding a 1”5 gap.

On 3rd lap Gonzalez did another chicane cut (the third for him) and decided to let Bratt by in order not to get a penalty, then sticking himself to the brit’s tail. With this move, Bratt was again tied on points with Bonanomi, so the italian had to push even more to clinch the fastest lap of the race and get the extra point.

He did that with an amazing sequence of laps on the 1’38”5 pace, and then with a 1’38”377 that nobody could match. With a gap of 4.2 seconds on the followers, Marco could just control the race and wait for what was happening behind. The crucial point of the race was on lap 6, when Onidi, second in that moment, made a mistake in the Lesmo second corner and went on the gravel, losing two positions to Bratt and Gonzalez.

That was exactly what Bratt needed to be again tied on points with Bonanomi and win the title, as Gonzalez, even if he was very close, couldn’t really threat him. The venezuelan driver, trying to push as hard as he could, went in the gravel trap at Lesmo, losing a lot of time.

Behind the podium, Onidi took fourth place followed by Dracone and by the newcomer Cozzari. Dracone had a great fight with Sistos which was over when the young mexican went off in the first corner.


Will Bratt: “Winning the championship is just something incredible, I think I still have to realize that. Maybe tomorrow morning I will wake up and understand how important is what I achieved today, but for now to me it’s just a dream. If i stop to relax a bit and think about it, I think that this title really is well deserved for me and the team. We were unlucky at the start of the season, but from Zolder until today we did a great job.

Furthermore, our competitor was a good driver like Bonanomi who made our life really difficult. Despite that, we managed to win at our first year in the series. Fear of losing the title? Yes, when I was 4th and he was leading the race it seemed really hard, but in the end I made it. Now I’m looking forward to driving the GP2 Asia car in Abu Dhabi”.

Race result
1. Marco Bonanomi (FMSI) 16 laps in 26’26”134, avg 210,371 km/h
2. Will Bratt (EmiliodeVillota.com Motorsport) + 5”280
3. Rodolfo Gonzalez (FMSI) + 10”019
4. Fabio Onidi (FMSI) + 14”299
5. Francesco Dracone (Emmebi Motorsport) + 28”646
6. Matteo Cozzari (Team Costa Rica) + 36”775

Not classified
Fabrizio Crestani (Emmebi Motorsport), did not start
Juan Carlos Sistos (Team Costa Rica), 6th lap, crash
Fastest lap: 14th by Marco Bonanomi in 1’38”377.

Drivers standings
1. Bratt 71 points; 2. Bonanomi 71; 3. Onidi 64; 4. Crestani 54; 5. Gonzalez 44; 6. Hanley
22; 7. Dracone 15; 8. Sistos 14; 9. Piscopo 11; 10. Maldonado 10; 11. Piccione 8; 12.
Bamber 8; 13 Herck 6; 14. Puglisi 6; 15. Nunes 5; 16. Cozzari 4; 17. Rodriguez 1; 18. Dalle
Stelle 1.

Teams Standings
1. Fisichella Motorsport International 150 points; 2. EmiliodeVillota.com 84; 3. TP Formula
52; 4. Team Costa Rica 31; 5. Emmebi Motorsport 31; 6. Bull Racing 21; 7. Lazarus 12; 8.
Teamcraft 10; 9. Durango 6.

source: euroseries3000.com