Sep 14

Will Bratt wins again

Four drivers fighting for the title

Four drivers still battling for the championship with four races to go. That’s enough to understand how hot is the fight in the 2009 edition of the Euroseries 3000 by PartyPoker Racing. The championship archived the Valencia weekend celebrating the third win of Will Bratt, the series rising star.

Starting from fourth place on the reversed grid, the brit could hope for a win only with a great start and that’s what he did. He managed to pass from 4th to second at the green light, and then he overtook Edoardo Piscopo in the first corner, after the italian did a mistake under braking.

From then on, the two started a close race, with Piscopo often on Bratt’s tail, but never in the right position to attack. The italian driver showed that he could match Bratt’s pace and that without that first corner mistake he could have won, but he can be happy anyway has he was already able to fight with the best drivers of the championship at his debut on the B05/52 car.

The front duo managed to keep a security gap on Fabio Onidi, author (again) of an incredible start in wich he passed from seventh to third, fundamental to his third podium in the spanish weekend.

Behind Onidi, the two other FMSI drivers were in a close fight. Marco Bonanomi managed to cancel the initial gap from Rodolfo Gonzalez, but even arriving as close as 0”5, he discovered why everybody says that in Valencia overtaking is mission impossible. Gonzalez, even if suffering from an aching shoulder, was able to keep the right pace and 5th position at the end. Behind them, Fabrizio Crestani, Juan Carlos Sistos and Francesco Dracone were closing the pack.

While the latter went off, luckily without any damage, on lap 10, Crestani and Sistos were very close for the whole race, confirming the constant improvement of the young mexican driver, the only one who managed to improve his pace compared to the morning race.

Now the Euroseries by PartyPoker racing leaves Valencia and heads to Vallelunga, were the next-to-last round of the series will be held.

Will Bratt: “Winning two races in a weekend is a great feeling. I had a very good start and Piscopo’s mistake opened the way for the win. It was tough, physically I mean, three races in a weekend are a lot, and Valencia is a track were you can never relax. Anyway, my car was the best I had in the whole weekend, almost under braking after we changed the pads. Now I look forward to Vallelunga”.

Edoardo Piscopo: “I’m really sorry for the first corner mistake. I braked late like in qualifying, but the car was heavy with the fuel for 25 laps. It’s a pity, but I’m happy about my weekend, of this 2nd place and of my physical condition. It was a long time from the last race with such a challenging car, but I had no problems. I will race again in Monza”.

Fabio Onidi: “Third podium in three races is ok, but I would have loved to win at least one race. Anyway it’s ok, pushing more was difficult because the heat made the tires performance drop after a few laps, so I couldn’t adopt an attacking driving style. I’m happy about my starts, in that I was really great this weekend”.

Race classification

1. Will Bratt (EmiliodeVillota.com) 23 laps in 33’25”517, avg. 165,35 km/h
2. Edoardo Piscopo (Emmebi Motorsport) + 1”083
3. Fabio Onidi (FMSI) + 2”086
4. Rodolfo Gonzalez (FMSI) + 9”279
5. Marco Bonanomi (FMSI) + 9”678
6. Fabrizio Crestani (EmiliodeVillota.com) + 25”908
7. Juan Carlos Sistos (Team Costa Rica) + 28”109

Not Classified

Francesco Dracone, 10° giro, uscita di pista
Fastest Lap: 5th by Marco Bonanomi in 1’24”868, avg.169, 887 km/h.

Drivers standings

1. Onidi 49 points; 2. Bonanomi 47; 3. Bratt 41; 4. Crestani 41; 5. Gonzalez 25; 6. Hanley
18; 7. Piscopo 11; 8. Maldonado 10; 9. Sistos 8; 10. Piccione 8; 11. Bamber 8; 12. Dracone
7; 13 Herck 6; 14. Puglisi 6; 15. Nunes 5; 16. Rodriguez 1; 17. Dalle Stelle 1.

Teams standings

1. Fisichella Motorsport International 96 points; 2. EmiliodeVillota.com 54; 3. TP Formula 44;
4. Bull Racing 21; 5. Emmebi Motorsport 18; 6. Team Costa Rica 17; 7. Lazarus 12; 8.
Teamcraft 10; 9. Durango 6.

source: euroseries3000.com