Feb 07

Bans against F1 spies lifted

Restrictions against Nigel Stepney and Mike Coughlan have been lifted

By F1’s governing body, the FIA.

The pair, at the centre of the espionage saga of 2007, had the restrictions imposed because of their roles in the passing of confidential information between Ferrari and McLaren.

Despite the FIA recommending to motor racing employers not to give them jobs, Stepney now works for the on-board camera firm Gigawave, while sacked McLaren designer Coughlan works for transmission specialist Ricardo.

The restrictions were due to run until July of this year, but Max Mosley said he has reconsidered the issue in light of Ferrari and McLaren’s apparent new era of harmony.

The FIA president told reporters this week: “It does seem a little bit mad to make them serve out even longer when the two teams concerned are all making love to each other.

“So, we have said we will let them forget it,” he is quoted as saying by The Guardian.