Sep 29

McLaren hopes for more wet races

We believe we have superior wet weather performances

Hamilton-01-2008-09-27McLaren figures are hoping for forecasts of adverse weather as the 2008 championship approaches a battle of three final races.

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton pulled 7 points clear of his rival Felipe Massa in Singapore, causing Ferrari to declare that its objective for the concluding Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian grands prix is for consecutive one-twos.

McLaren’s Hamilton can afford to finish second to Massa in all three races and still be champion, but team boss Ron Dennis is nonetheless hoping for inclement weather.

“We believe we have superior wet weather performances and we expect one, maybe two wet races before the end of the season,” he said in Singapore, where Massa set a dominant pole position in the dry and was clear of Hamilton before the safety car reshuffle.

Chief executive Martin Whitmarsh added: “I think we’ve all experienced wet races in Japan, China and Brazil, so we feel well prepared.”

After another below-par performance with the F2008 at Monza, Ferrari retreated to its Mugello test circuit and was fortunate to enjoy one day of rain in order to get to the bottom of its issues in the wet.

The Italian team believes it is now better prepared for slippery conditions, but did not get an opportunity to try the setup changes in Singapore as the official action remained dry.

source: GMM