Sep 01

Ecclestone rules out London Olympics role

I wouldn’t want to be involved

Bernie Ecclestone was a high profile spectator at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, but the Briton has ruled out getting involved with London’s hosting of the event in 2012.

“I can’t see how London, or anyone, will follow that.  We have to do something completely different or we are going to look idiots,” the F1 chief executive told BBC radio’s Sportsweek programme.

The 77-year-old gave a categorical “no” when asked if his experience in hosting successful international events, namely grand prix, could encourage him to help London plan for the next summer games.

“I wouldn’t want to be involved.  There is only one way down for anyone who is involved.  If it goes well you’re not given the credit and if it goes badly you’re going to get the blame,” Ecclestone said.

Asked how he thinks London will cope with the challenge, he answered: “With great difficulty.”

Does he have any free advice for the Olympics planners?  “I suppose pray there’s an earthquake or something,” Ecclestone quipped.

source: GMM