Aug 21

Voices of Mosport International Raceway

Prototype pilots Lucas Luhr and Chris McMurry are looking forward…

To the speed and exhilaration of racing at Mosport.
The only thing American Le Mans Series drivers love more than a fast circuit are two consecutive ones.

That’s what the field is in for this weekend in Mobil 1 presents the Grand Prix of Mosport at historic Mosport International Raceway.

The 2.459-mile, 10-turn circuit rivals Road America – the previous Series stop – as the fastest on the schedule, and the enthusiasm of the Mosport fans makes the Series’ only annual Canadian stop one of the highlights of the season.

Lucas Luhr, Audi Sport North America – Audi R10 TDI (LMP1)

“Mosport is one of the most challenging tracks there is because you have a lot of uphill and downhill, blind corners, and also some long straights. Overall the average speed is very high. It’s very challenging at Mosport for every sports car driver.”

Chris McMurry, Autocon Motorsports – Creation CA06H-Judd (LMP1)

“It’s always great to go to a different country for a race, that’s number one. The Canadian people are wonderful people. They’re happy, they’re knowledgeable about racing. And just from a driving standpoint, the track is awesome because it is so fast. It’s got some very challenging places – Turn 2 is really challenging, even Turn 1. And as a race car driver, you’re interested in going fast and there probably isn’t a better track for that.”

Clint Field, Intersport Racing – Lola B06/10-AER (LMP1)

“It’s a quick, really, really fast track, and the atmosphere at that track is awesome, too. You get really good racing. I think it suits itself to the prototype cars and at the end of the day those cars like to be driven fast so we’ll be real excited to go back there.”

Patrick Long, Penske Racing – Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2)

“I think the fans at Mosport are really passionate about their motorsport. They know what is going on in our Series, and what they can expect is the great, season-long battle that we have in the LMP2 class and the GT2 class and in all the other respective categories. They know what’s going on and it’s always a treat to go up there because they respect and honor their one chance to get up close and personal with the cars and drivers for the season as it’s the only time we visit Canada.”

Marino Franchitti, Dyson Racing Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2)

“It’s like the world’s fastest rollercoaster except you’re in control. I just love it. I can’t wait to get there; I wish we would go there 12 times a year. It’s just tremendous. The fans are fantastic; this year they are going to be starved for their motorsport a little bit. It’s going to be fun to be able to entertain them and I think we will put on a good show; I’m sure we’ll have a lot of new fans coming along to add to the ones we already have. It’s just spectacular to watch and to drive.”

Ben Devlin, B-K Motorsports – Lola B07/46-Mazda MZR-R (LMP2)

“The Canadian fans in Mosport definitely have something different about them. Last year we had a great run; we finished fourth in class so that was really nice for us. So we’re looking forward. It suits our car and we look forward to going there again.”

Dirk Müller , Tafel Racing – Ferrari F430 GT (GT2)

“It’s the most challenging track I know. If you are scared, please don’t go there! Mosport is all about turn-in speed, but with very quick and blind corners this is not so easy. You need to build up your personal limit from below; otherwise your car is missing some parts. There is not one corner to pick up, but for sure one of the most important ones is the hairpin, followed by a long uphill straight. Here you need to have a very good traction.”

Jaime Melo, Risi Competizione – Ferrari F430 GT (GT2)

“Last year was my first time and it’s a really difficult track – very fast. And I can tell you it was one of the hardest races for me last year. It’s weird because a lot of people come to see the race and that makes the race more interesting. I think this year is going to be even better, hopefully, so we’ll try to win this year again.”

The Mobil 1 presents the Grand Prix of Mosport is scheduled for 3:05 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 24 from Mosport International Raceway just outside of Toronto.

The eighth round of the 2008 American Le Mans Series will be aired live on SPEED. XM Satellite Radio will air the race live on XM Channel 166.

Live radio coverage also will be available from American Le Mans Radio at americanlemans.com, which also will feature IMSA’s Live Timing & Scoring.

source: Americanlemans.com